Barn Conversions & Timber Frame

Converting a barn is a labour of love and we love them! We are Ontario’s experts in barn conversions. We have developed strategies and a team to guide you through the process.

Ontario’s barns are landmarks in their communities. They are iconic in the landscape and we want to help give them new reasons to live another 100 years. They are part of our history and we want them to be part of our future. We love the spaces on the interiors, the timber frame craftmanship, and the incredible stories they hold.

Barn Condition Report

We always start with a barn condition report with our engineer. This report tells you the feasibility of the frame to be converted. A go / no-go report to help you know what you are getting into! It will also identify some key facts and features about your barn. Request your report today!

We also advise a building code review in cases where you want to convert to something other than a residence. This code review will explain in simple plain terms what is involved to meet the Ontario Building Code for your intended use. And outline a path of least resistance. This initial research can and has saved clients $10,000 to $100,000 and more on their projects. Learn more on our services page.

Free Resources

VELD architect’s mission is to save, restore, and convert more than 50 barns in the next 25 years! Be part of our mission!

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