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The Desirable Food System : 2025

In November, I attended a discussion on Sustainable Food Systems the Arts and Cookery Bank(a great venue and enterprise) in West Lorne. Hosted by Roxana Roshon and Tom Schell and the London Training Centre working on an amazing research project on Food Systems. They are taking an cross-system (rather than silo) approach to their research […]


Suburban Seeds

  I met a wonderful lady this week in a pursuit to win an equestrian design project. She is from Albany, New York and she had a great saying about suburban development. as we drove though many suburbs along Highway 410 she stated “look as all the house seeds growing.” and I might add… ‘there […]


Home for the holidays or the chores?

Inevitably when you go home to the farm for any length of time you get recruited to help with chores. Not that I mind, and in many cases it is a way to spend time with my Dad. So during Christmas break I helped with cleaning out the chicken barn. This involves a retrofitted lawn […]


Rural Sprawl

A bit of irony…honorable mention for the Emerging Terrain banner competition.


Capturing ‘Farmer Thinking’

At a recent conference for Sustainable Food Systems in West Lorne 2025″(see post) I was introduced to the work of Dan Needles, a playwright who has self proclaimed the title of keeper of 'farmer thinking'. Dan describes farmer thinking as three things; absolutely practical, humble in the face if great calamity, and too rare in […]