Project Brief/Description:

After over 150 years Brantwood Farms needed to relocate their entire operation to a new location due to the growth and amalgamation of their property into the City of Brantford. In doing so they chose to grow, correct their current operational dysfunction, and plan for growth of their popular PYO seasonal events. VELD architect was hired to assist with master planning, Site Plan Approval, site plan, and market building design.

Current Status: Early Design Concepts and SPA preconsutlation 2023

Barn story/History (if applicable)



  1. To create a working farm operation that does not interfere with public usage nor have public use interfere with farm operations.
  2. Create a larger market building to sell more produce directly and more efficiently to increase revenue stream year-round.
  3. Manage the various traffic flow from slow winter seasons, to regular summer operations to 4000 people during event weekends.
  4. Navigate the zoning restrictions and red tape most efficiently for maximum results and long-term vision for the property


Design Features

  1. The team has creatively managed the areas on the property to maximize the play area that qualifies as on-farm-diversified uses with the most restrictions. We have avoided any zoning amendments to speed up the process as we await an updated zoning by-law to allow the expansions later.
  2. We are exploring the best way to direct the various traffic flows throughout the year. Exploring the traffic routes, capacity, and flexibility of the spaces year-round. Our vision for the project is to create a building that can accommodate a variety of scenarios with success! Also, separating farm operations from public operations for safety, efficiency, and functionality is very important.


The design is currently in early concepts design and studies. We have set out a basic master plan for the 10-year vision and working through the specifics of the current zoning application and site plan approval.


Brantwood Farms


Project Team:

Waddell Engineering

John Stanley Consulting


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