FREE Checklist for starting Agritourism on your farm

Are you considering starting agritourism on your farm? There are a lot of considerations before you jump in. So we created this checklist for you as a starting point for gathering information to see if it’s right for you.

Make sure you know exactly what you are getting into when you start your journey to an agritourism project. Beyond being a good farmer there are a lot of pieces to make it a success.

VELD architect loves rural Ontario and we are so proud of our farmers and what they do we want to be part of this important work. We are raising rural with you! And we are helping farmers create memorable unique experiences for their visitors.

We know this checklist will alleviate many of the unknowns around starting this new business venture. And if you have any further questions you can always book a free project scouting call with an agritourism architect to get some more questions answered.

What other agritourism Farmers say about us!

barn conversion winery glass wall modern
Huron Estates Winery, Bayfield, concept to reality (in progress)