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Brantwood Farms

Brantwood Farms

After over 150 years Brantwood Farms needed to relocate their entire operation to a new location due to the growth and amalgamation of their property into the City of Brantford. […] 


Huron Estates Winery

Two of the founding advocates for grape growing in Huron County is now seeing their own vines develop and are ready for harvesting and processing in a new facility of their own! They are reusing a gorgeous triple-braced barn (previously built by a mayor of the area) with a threshing wheel! Integrating the history and […]

Bradley Farm–Master plan

Bradley Farm–Master plan

The Owner of this farm wanted to provide an opportunity for his grown children to create a business with their talents in hospitality, brewmaster, farmer, and business on the farm property. The location was ideal, one block outside of the suburbs for easy access. VELD architect provided insight to the challenges, opportunities, and possibilities for […]

Unleashed on 42

Unleashed on 42–Kennel Addition

The Owner came to us to modernize, rebrand, and build an indoor training area for their growing kennel business. The addition was quite large compared to the original so care had to be taken to balance the scale, connect the two wings and maintain excellent functionality! Some of the features are separate drop-off and pick-up […]


Arrowwood Event Pavilion

The Owner came to us for some simple advice. Not having built before they were feeling frustrated by the process of dealing with various trades suppliers and contacts. VELD architect provided a third party review of the best options for them to create their pavilion. We helped educate and helped them make good decisions for […]

Grain Bin Tiny Home

Grain Bin Tiny Home

This project was intended to take advantage of the change in policy that would allow second dwellings (with restrictions) on a rural property. The Owner has a couple old grain bins too small to be useful and thought that he would convert them into a second dwelling to supply some much needed affordable housing to […]

Persian Empire Master Plan

Persian Empire Master Plan

This Diverse and longstanding company wanted a little piece of the country to expand their alcohol beverage company, so the purchased a challenging site on the edge of Peterborough. The master plan will create a beautiful site for their new manufacturing facility, with orchards, vines, meadows and herbs, and of course a stunning view over […]


Brooks Farms

Brooks Farms, located near Uxbridge was devastated with a fire that burnt down their bank barn. This project is not a replacement of the irreplaceable, but a tribute to that barn and what it meant to the family. We are creating a modern interpretation of the barn for their farm for the public to enjoy […]


Rose Farms

Rose Farms Being told to shut down and challenged with complying with Township zoning and Code requirements, VELD architect assisted this farmer through the building permit process to permit an existing indoor playground in a coverall on a pick-your-own strawberry farm. We worked through the exiting requirements, emergency lights, WC requirements, and barrier-free requirements with […]

Rendering of black building with skull on it

Simply Skull Cleaning

Simply Skull is a skull cleaning business. The company mostly caters to hunters who want trophy skulls. The process includes a special bug who eats flesh, then soak and degrease the skull, then whiten and clean up the skulls. The company processes as small as turkey and as large as moose! VELD architect was asked to create a building that can allow the business to move out of the garage, reduce the backlog and grow the business now and over the long term, even provide for alternative markets such as foreign skulls, like lion and humans for science.[…]

Dark Horse Estate Winery

Dark Horse Estate Winery

Dark Horse Estate Winery Location: Grand Bend, Ontario William J. Krohn architect in association with VELD architect This was Huron County’s first winery, a new and emerging grape-growing area! Intended to be among the top 20 winemakers in Ontario. This winery, when complete in 2015, will be open for tastings, on-site purchases, and located right […]

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