Sucess in agritourism is about creating memorable experiences for YOUR customers while doing what you love, Farming!

How do you achieve that?

With good design. Thinking about your ideal clients and what they want, what experiences do they want to have. But more importantly what do you need to design into your site, buildings to make their stay comfortable, enjoyable, and easy!

How do you get there?

I’m sure you’ve got your vision in your head, Pinterest page full of ideas, and you’re ready to build. And then the building code and the zoning officer arrive to burst your bubble! It can be a long hard road to get from vision to opening your doors to your guests. But that is what we are here for. We are here to cut through that red tape, relieve headaches, and help you make the best decisions.

We help agritourism business owners who are frustrated with getting through the red tape of permits and approvals go from spending hours filling out forms and sitting in meetings to relaxing and taking care of your farm business while the Agritourism Dream Team takes care of the Authorities and avoids the headaches and impractical requests

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Free Resources

VELD architect helps agritourism operators create functional AND memorable farm experiences! Go from offering good but unspectacular farm experiences to a remarkable farm experience that people can’t help but talk about using VELD’s AgVisioning Process.

Here are a few other resources to get you thinking about your agritourism project:

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Inspiration and ideas!