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2024 NAFDMA Agritourism Farm Tour Highlights

Highlights from the 2024 NAFDMA Agritourism Farm Tour

The 2024 NAFDMA Agritourism Farm Tour in Michigan provided valuable insights into various farms, including Gull Meadows, Thistleberry Farms, Bowerman Blueberries, Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo, and others. Key takeaways included the importance of traffic control, accessibility, diverse product offerings, branding, photo opportunities, and careful planning for infrastructure and layout to ensure functionality and efficiency in agritourism endeavors.


How many decisions do I need to make to build a house?

And Why architect’s fees are a steal of a deal! A few more questions in case you’re still wondering. Or jump down for further explanation.


Kennel Design Ideas

Kennel Design Ideas Unleashed on 42 Now that you’ve learned about authorities, laws, codes and rules, set your building on the site. You can now do the fun stuff: Design the layout!   Make a list of all the spaces you think you might need and how big they should be. Think about all the operations, […]


Where should I put my kennel on my property?

Unleashed on 42 One of the biggest decisions is where to place your kennel building on the site? There are lots of factors to consider, but here are some of ours when we get started! Noise – this is really important to maintaining neighbourly relations, and likely your personal sanity. Depending on how many dogs […]


How To Start Your Kennel Project -Authorities review

How to Start Your Kennel Project – Authorities Review Unleashed on 42 You love dogs, and you know there is a need in your community for dog boarding, but you don’t know where to start. In this blog, I will go over both design principles and the authorities/permits needed to get started. Starting any project […]



The most common Myth of Barn Conversions 

“My Barn has been standing for 100 years. It should be good to go!”  This is the phrase I am often greeted with when a client asks me to help them with a barn conversion. Unfortunately, this is the biggest myth about barn conversions: Why can’t I just move in and use it? While that statement may be true, we want to make sure it stands […]


market kitchen design

Design Ideas and Important Considerations for Your Commercial Kitchen

Design and Code Considerations for Commercial Kitchen Design The main feature of the existing Brantwood Farm Bakery is preprepared pies and donuts! Working with Legge Design, we are reusing equipment to save on costs and building a much more functional and larger space! We interviewed Scott Legge from Legge Foodservice Facilities Design to discuss important […]


Family picking apples at a sustainable farm in ontario

What is Sustainable Tourism and Creating Meaningful Expirences

What is sustainable tourism? Creating Meaningful Connection In the pursuit of mindful living and conscious consumption, regenerative agritourism emerges as a beacon of sustainable harmony, weaving together the threads of mindful stewardship, ecological balance, and agricultural heritage. In this article, we delve into the essence of regenerative agritourism, exploring its transformative potential and the profound […]


Buildings Old, New, and Familiar That Celebrate the Sun

The sun is also one of our design tools in architecture! And here are some examples of how to inspire people to connect with the sun through buildings!


A Guide On How To Treat Outdoor Timber

Looking for tips on how to treat outdoor timber? This guide covers everything you need to know to keep your wooden surfaces and structures looking great and protected from the elements. From cleaning and sealing to staining and painting, this guide has got you covered.