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5 unique ideas to attract visitors to your winery

If you run your own winery, you may be wondering what you can do to attract new visitors beyond just your tasting room. With these 5 unique ideas, you can put your winery on people’s tour itinerary. While you may have established your wine production, attracting new visitors can sometimes seem tricky, especially if you’re […]


VELD architect @ Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Conference 2022

A Panel Discussion on On-Farm Diversified Uses On February 22, 2022 Krista participated in a panel discussion regarding the on-farm diversified uses. This topic hits a little too close to home for many people. Most stories are heartbreaking and frustrating, to say the least. The presentation started with Pam Duesling & Emily DeSousa talking about […]


Agritourism for your family farm

5 Critical Steps to getting a building permit In Agritourism For Your Family Farm : Avoid these Surprises upfront

5 steps to getting an agritourism permit. Tell your farm story!


Contemporary design for your farm, barn, shed or farmhouse

Can You Think Outside The Barn? Be Bold And Brave With Contemporary Farm Design

Barns and sheds sitting majestically on the landscape are also functional buildings. They serve a purpose on your farm, each unique in its own way. From farm to farm, the design may be similar, but no two are identical. Just as no two cows are the same, each building has its own history and story. […]


4 Biggest Mistakes when Planning an On-Farm Event Venue

So, you want to create an event or wedding space? You’ve got a Pinterest board full of ideas on how beautiful the space will be! It will be the next best wedding destination! Now to get started. But before you start designing make sure you’ve done all your research. In our experience there are a […]


Rural Revitalization Idea #3: Trail Bunkies

Rural Reviatalization Idea #3: Trail bunkies. Grain bin conversion, treehouse, bunkie…what opportunities does your property have along the @G2GRailTrail or @@TheBruceTrailConservancy ?


Rural Revitalization Idea #1 -tobacco kiln B&B

  As many of you probably don’t notice anymore, smoking in bars, entrances, and other places has mostly disappeared from Ontario. All you have to do is go to Europe and you will appreciate the smoke-free environments we enjoy in Canada. However, this industry shift took a very hard toll on Tobacco farmers in Ontario. […]


Rural Relics – A Foundation for Possibilities

I was recently introduced to a bit of Waterloo Region’s history. Black Horse Corners, a once bustling small town with an Inn, tannery, fueling mill, pump shop, shingle mill, shoemaker and blacksmith shop, all of which are no longer present except for some remains of the old Inn which burnt down.  Located at the corner […]