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A Guide On How To Treat Outdoor Timber

Looking for tips on how to treat outdoor timber? This guide covers everything you need to know to keep your wooden surfaces and structures looking great and protected from the elements. From cleaning and sealing to staining and painting, this guide has got you covered.


Interior of a Barn House

How Much Does A Passive House Cost?

Learn all about custom home costs and the extra costs associated with high-performance homes like passive and pretty good houses. Find out what factors affect the cost of building your dream home, what to watch out for, and general principles to keep in mind.


aerial view of green grass field and trees

A Quick Escape to Nature: Farmstay Resorts

Why is your farm stay a mini resort?! You’ve probably never thought about your farm stay as a resort, but to many people, it is. So, it’s essential to treat it that way, and there are a few criteria you should consider when you plan it. Tourism spending around the world is shifting from spending in […]


Barn Conversion Myths


A modern barn conversion home in Ontario

Transform Your Barn Into a Dream Home: Expert Tips and Inspiration

Discover the art of converting a barn into your dream home. Some practical tips for transforming a barn into a functional living space


50 Ideas for Your Barn Conversion Project

So, we convinced you to keep your barn! Now, what are you going to use it for? Here are some ideas to give your old barn a new life. We hope these suggestions ignite your creativity for repurposing your old barn into something unique! Barn Restoration for Agriculture Uses: There is nothing wrong with reusing […]


photo of beige and gray wooden barn house on green grass

How to adopt a Barn?

Discover the joy of adopting a barn and preserving our rich heritage. Support sustainability, restore architectural treasures, and make a lasting impact.


Get To Know Trusted Barn Conversion Contractors In Ontario

Ontario Barn Conversion Contractors We are often asked if we know contractors who know how to build with old barn timber frames. So we have created a short list of a few contractors here. Each will have a different level of experience either in renovations, repairs, conversions, take down and reassembly, etc. It’s important to ask […]


person signing loan agreement for purchase of apartment

Unveiling Barn Conversion Costs: What You Need to Know

“How much will my barn conversion cost?” is the most common question we get, and the answer is it depends! In this blog, we explain the SIX factors that will impact your barn conversation budget. For those who like videos over blogs, we highly recommend you check out our video on barn conversion myths to […]



How to know when to take my old barn down?

This is always a hard conversation with potential clients when they come to me with a barn. Should I take it down? A typical engineer who you meet will be far less sentimental than I am, and he will be the first to say, “It’s cheaper to build new”. This is true, but I’ve realized […]