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Agritourism for your family farm

5 Critical Steps to getting a building permit In Agritourism For Your Family Farm : Avoid these Surprises upfront

5 steps to getting an agritourism permit. Tell your farm story!


Meet the VELD Team Member

Hi I’m Rain, I’ve been a part of VELD for over a year now as a Project Manager. Here’s a little bit about myself!


Contemporary design for your farm, barn, shed or farmhouse

Can You Think Outside The Barn? Be Bold And Brave With Contemporary Farm Design

Barns and sheds sitting majestically on the landscape are also functional buildings. They serve a purpose on your farm, each unique in its own way. From farm to farm, the design may be similar, but no two are identical. Just as no two cows are the same, each building has its own history and story. […]


Mark Shepard Event here in Waterloo Ontario!!

..and I am sooo excited! ¬†For those of you who don’t know Mark Shepard. He is “redeisgning agriculture in nature’s image”. He has a 110 acre forest farm in SW Wisconsin where he has been using his forest agriculture successfully for 18 years. I particularly like Mark Shepard as an example of industrial and sustainable […]


Farmer’s share of the Food Dollar

If you been in farming for a long time or exposed to the farm life you are aware of the economic struggle that the farmer encounters daily. In fact, the economics of the food dollar don&#39t look good for farming. From 1910 to 1990 the percentage of the food dollar has been consistently declining. Gliessman, […]


Hay and Straw Storage as Insulation?

I'm sure you've heard of straw bale houses, but did you ever think that you could use your straw and hay storage as insulation for your farm buildings? Straw and Hay makes a great insulator because it is full of air pockets, air being a great thermal break that does not allow heat to be […]