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market kitchen design

Design Ideas and Important Considerations for Your Commercial Kitchen

Design and Code Considerations for Commercial Kitchen Design The main feature of the existing Brantwood Farm Bakery is preprepared pies and donuts! Working with Legge Design, we are reusing equipment to save on costs and building a much more functional and larger space! We interviewed Scott Legge from Legge Foodservice Facilities Design to discuss important […]


Farm Store Retail Design Trick & Layouts

In the last blog, we talked about brand and experience, something you are probably doing very well on your farm already! So, what are the practicalities of retail space design for your farm? Customer Flow It starts at the laneway. Ensure they know where to go (this also helps you control privacy). Signage and views […]


Who moved my cheese?

That's what I felt like after biking 35km to the Fifth Town cheese factory in Prince Edward County. Designed by Lapointe Architect, it has been on my architecture bucket list for many years for a few reasons; it was designed by an architect; it gave me hope that an architecture career in agritourism was possible; […]


Farmer’s share of the Food Dollar

If you been in farming for a long time or exposed to the farm life you are aware of the economic struggle that the farmer encounters daily. In fact, the economics of the food dollar don&#39t look good for farming. From 1910 to 1990 the percentage of the food dollar has been consistently declining. Gliessman, […]


Farm Size Infographic

The following infographic describes the average size of farm in Canada, taken from stats Canada. copyright, VELD architect 2008


The Desirable Food System : 2025

In November, I attended a discussion on Sustainable Food Systems the Arts and Cookery Bank(a great venue and enterprise) in West Lorne. Hosted by Roxana Roshon and Tom Schell and the London Training Centre working on an amazing research project on Food Systems. They are taking an cross-system (rather than silo) approach to their research […]


I will walk 500 miles … to get a glass of milk?

The diagram above illustrates the scale of milk production in Southwestern Ontario. Only 67 processing plants process all the milk in Ontario for delivery to grocery stores and your table. Imagine your neighbour is a farmer, even if this neighbour is just outside of town. Your milk travels at least 120kms to a processing plant […]