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4 Biggest Mistakes when Planning an On-Farm Event Venue

So, you want to create an event or wedding space? You’ve got a Pinterest board full of ideas on how beautiful the space will be! It will be the next best wedding destination! Now to get started. But before you start designing make sure you’ve done all your research. In our experience there are a […]


Rural Revitalization Idea #3: Trail Bunkies

Rural Reviatalization Idea #3: Trail bunkies. Grain bin conversion, treehouse, bunkie…what opportunities does your property have along the @G2GRailTrail or @@TheBruceTrailConservancy ?


Rural Revitalisation Idea #2 : farmer retirement village

I’m sure you’ve heard it before from a farmer, If I retire I’ll die.  Those farmers just don’t know how to take a day off, let alone retire. Not to mention that most farmers don’t want to move to town. So what options are left? move in with you on the home farm?!? If you’re […]


Rural Revitalization Idea #1 -tobacco kiln B&B

  As many of you probably don’t notice anymore, smoking in bars, entrances, and other places has mostly disappeared from Ontario. All you have to do is go to Europe and you will appreciate the smoke-free environments we enjoy in Canada. However, this industry shift took a very hard toll on Tobacco farmers in Ontario. […]