10 tips for Hiring an Architect

Do you need an architect?
Don’t even know how an architect can help your project?
Architects aren’t all created equal, so how do you choose?

Architects do more than just draw blueprints for your building project…they also…

  • Provide cost-saving ideas
  • Bring expertise to all areas of the building design, layouts, construction methods, life cycle costs, building maintenance, low energy measures, and finishes
  • Help you achieve the exact look you want with all the functionality you need
  • Act as a conductor of all project consultants
  • Help facilitate you to the best decisions you can make for your building
  • And more…

This Guide will…

  • Help you understand the architect’s role
  • Help you ask the right questions to find an architect that is the right fit
  • Help you understand their professional fees
  • Provide an opportunity to book a FREE 30-minute consultation with an architect to answer your questions and point you towards the right people and resources