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Home for the holidays or the chores?

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Inevitably when you go home to the farm for any length of time you get recruited to help with chores. Not that I mind, and in many cases it is a way to spend time with my Dad. So during Christmas break I helped with cleaning out the chicken barn. This involves a retrofitted lawn mower with a scraper on the front. But operating that was not my job. My job was to fork, shovel, scrape or by any means, by hand, clean the corners of the barn where the tractor could not get to. A difficult job for an out-of-shape cityslicker like me. My dad even gave me a “break” job in case I got tired; change the dead lightbulbs. During this labour intensive task and being a designer, I couldn’t help but think “how can this be easier?” I decided that the barn should have rounded corners! Rounded to match the turning radius of the tractor to eliminate this tough job. It took about 8 hours to clean 4 corners. Eliminating that square footage and few extra birds more than makes up for my saved time and my saved back!

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