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Mark Shepard Event here in Waterloo Ontario!!

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..and I am sooo excited!  For those of you who don’t know Mark Shepard. He is “redeisgning agriculture in nature’s image”. He has a 110 acre forest farm in SW Wisconsin where he has been using his forest agriculture successfully for 18 years. I particularly like Mark Shepard as an example of industrial and sustainable farming coming together seamlessly.  He is a practical and down to earth farmer making a good living with permaculture forest agriculture. His personal website is here and he is a founder of the Restoration Agriculture Institute. I highly recommend this youtube video (However you only need to listen as its more of a slideshow video) as a great introduction to his farm. The basic premis is to use forest systems to maximize land use. He usees trees, bushes, vines, alley crops and livestock to output 7 times the harvest from 1 acre of land.

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Steckle Heritage Farm, Wiffletree Farm, KW Habilitation, Two Crows Growery, Our Farm, and VELD architect are sponsoring a 2-day workshop – Transitioning to Farming Perennials
Farmer, engineer, ecologist and author Mark Shepard will be providing a 2 day, in the field open consultation in Waterloo in October 2014. Mark will explain how to transition from a purely annual production to a perennial system that integrates nut and fruit trees, fruiting bushes and vines, alley crops and pastured livestock.  

Some key innovations that you will learn about are:

  • forest agriculture
  • permaculture agriculture
  • STUN- sheer total utter neglect farming
  • industrial scale, economically viable sustainable farming
  • keyline plowing and design (with in field demonstration)
  • fruit and nut tree basics

The Event consists of two parts:

  • A two-day workshop held at Waterloo North Mennonite Church on October 3rd & 4th. $195
  • A public seminar at Steckle Heritage farm on October 2nd in the evening. $10

For more information or to register please visit:

VELD architect is proud to be a supporter of Our Farm for a number of years. They are hosting at their farm site in Waterloo.  VELD architect specializes in agritourism and sustainable farm design.

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