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Meet the VELD Team Member

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Rain Mäki, M.Arch., Project Manager, Dairy Goat Farmer

Hello! I’m Rain (she/her), and I’ve been a part of VELD for over a year now as a Project Manager. Here’s a little bit about myself…

My passion for architecture can be traced back to my childhood deep in the forests of Northern Ontario. I loved running through the thick trees and scouring caves and climbing rocks on a path to see everything as a possible living space. Let’s call it an extreme way of playing “house” as a child. I’ve been on a path to continue seeing what things could become with a little imagination, creativity, and problem-solving. This led me to complete my Bachelor of Architectural Studies at the University of Waterloo School of Architecture in Cambridge, Ontario. Luckily for me, the school was only 20 minutes from a certain farmer, whose family farm became a home away from home on the weekends. I had missed waking up at the crack of dawn to care for animals, the dirty hands-on work that came from caring for the land as well, and the fulfillment of seeing a job well done.

My backyard growing up!

Marrying that farmer and being welcomed into the dairy goat family farm business drove my passion in a direction to provide ideal spaces for the goats and us farmers to create an efficient and healthy environment on the farm. This led me to bring my two passions of architecture and agriculture together when I completed my Master’s thesis. I dedicated my thesis to my family, our farm, and our goats, by creating a design framework for a much-needed dairy goat research facility in Ontario. Being involved in a growing but still trying to find its feet industry, has taught me to be open to other farmers and what they’re doing, be open to creative and out-of-the-box problem solving, and have lots of patience when goats are involved.

Getting a hug from my favourite goat, Charlotte.

This love of working with others to come up with ideas and build relationships is what I love doing with my architecture hat on! Also, I love a good floor plan! To me, floor plans are where form and function come together to create an inviting and efficient home or business. My goal at VELD is to create beautiful and functional spaces while creating a great client experience along the way! I am motivated by the unique challenges that demand to be examined for each client, such as the site, project, program, and budget.

My role at VELD is Project Manager and Project Story Champion. I help clients manage their schedules and budgets while championing the project’s design and story. My specialties are architectural design for agriculture and residential, problem-solving, graphic/brand design, and enthusiastic dedication to every project. I strive to be knowledgeable in passive house strategies to provide responsible building design and reduce energy use in our buildings.

Outside of my home office, I’m committed to my goat herd, my love of reading sci-fi and fantasy books, and never getting tired of listening to the Star Wars soundtracks on repeat. And in that small fraction of time I find here and there, I love designing and sewing my own clothes in the winter and golfing in the summer!

I hope to bring my architecture expertise and agriculture experience to a project like yours, where I can contribute to its growth and success. Feel free to contact VELD if you’re interested to learn more.

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