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Stage 6: Quotations & Construction Contractors

Stage 6: Quotations & Construction Contractors You may already have a contractor selected, or your architect can assist in selecting one. There are two ways you can select a contractor to hire: Negotiation with preferred Contractor or Competitive Bidding among a variety of contractors Your architect can help you assess the prices, or the qualifications of […]


Stage 5: Construction Drawings

Stage 5: Construction Drawings These drawings will be more detailed than permit drawings will be well co-ordinated with electrical, mechanical, and structural components to ensure that every door, windowduct, outlet and wall looks and is placed exactly where you want. Construction drawings are essential for your contractor give you an accurate quotation with the least […]


Stage 4: Permit Drawings

Stage 4: Permit Drawings Permit drawings are a set of drawings required to obtain a building permit with your municipality, which VELD architect can provide. Permit drawing sets are often much smaller and less detailed that construction drawing sets. Depending on the type of project, you may require an architect and an engineer to sign-off […]


Stage 3: Design Development

Stage 3: Design Development After choosing the best option from the previous stage, the design will be taken to a more detailed level which involves Drawing elevations, sections and refining the look, sizes and materials. Determine how building will operate. You will choose colours, fixtures, equipment and share any magazine photos you may have collected […]


Stage 2: Schematic Design

Stage 2: Schematic Design At this stage we are well equipped to take your goals and priorities and design something that is on budget. Develop design options and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each Produce a basic site plan to locate the building on your site and floor plan options will be developed Discuss […]


Stage 1: Pre-Design

Stage 1: Pre-Design VELD architect will discuss your needs and wants with you to develop an understanding of your priorities and goals so that we can realize a successful project. These factors will be used as a way of measuring the success of your project throughout the following phases. Our preliminary Analysis will include an overview […]