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Stage 6: Quotations & Construction Contractors

Stage 6: Quotations & Construction Contractors

You may already have a contractor selected, or your architect can assist in selecting one.

There are two ways you can select a contractor to hire:

Negotiation with preferred Contractor or Competitive Bidding among a variety of contractors Your architect can help you assess the prices, or the qualifications of various contractors and provide recommendations.

Once you have selected a contractor you should sign a formal contract with them. Discuss with your architect and contractor how best to protect yourself throughout construction.

Working with a contractor

During this step the architect can act as the owner’s agent. Assisting with changes, resolving issues, and ensuring that the construction is as per the outlined drawings and specifications that you have requested of the Contractor. These services can vary from weekly visits, to monthly visits, or on an as needed basis.

The architect can act as a translator between you and the contractor. This knowledge can quickly resolve problems and conflicts, with reduced costs and aesthetic implications. Allowing the contractor to speak with the architect ensures you get a quality building. It also ensures that what you have designed with the architect comes to fruition.

For many buildings the architect is required to review the building as a requirement of the Ontario Building Code.

Post Construction Satisfaction

A successful project is one that inspires you every day. VELD architect will continue to work with you after the construction is complete to make sure that you are happy with your new space and that it meets your needs. We can come and review your building prior to the warranty expira- tion to ensure that nothing needs to be replaced or refinished by the contractor.

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