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Rural Revitalization Idea #3: Trail Bunkies

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I started this series many years ago, and some new ideas have come to light so I am going to revive this series. Rural Revitalization is a series designed to think big! Think big about the opportunities living on a country property in rural Ontario can offer and what you can offer to the community and culture! I throw these ideas out there in hopes someone takes them on!

I follow @G2G rail trail on facebook (yes, I’m still on facebook, you can like and follow me here). The other day someone mentioned that they hike the rail trail from end to end, Goderich to Guelph, 127 kms! This person was relating her experience to walking the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage and the culture of the trail. Where there are places along the trail to stop to eat, sleep and rest. She was particularly interested in cheap places to sleep overnight on her hike as 127km is too long for 1 day. This got me thinking. “What an amazing agritourism opportunity for those along the trail!”

Properties could create a bunkie or BnB for cheap for hikers or bikers to stay the night and continue their journey. I was imagining grain bin conversions, small garden sheds, old train car conversions, and treehouses!

Grain bin tiny home

Don’t forget to check your zoning and other authorities and get a proper permissions and building permit in place. VELD architect offers an Authorizes review report for $450. This report will tell you what permission are required, if zoning amendments or conservation authority permits would be required before you get started.

What opportunities and unique features does your property have? This opportunity applies to other major trails as well, like the Bruce Trail too!

Check out our agritoursim checklist to get started! Free 30min-consultation with download.

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