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photo of beige and gray wooden barn house on green grass

How to adopt a Barn?

Discover the joy of adopting a barn and preserving our rich heritage. Support sustainability, restore architectural treasures, and make a lasting impact.


3 Basic And Important Questions To Get Right At Your Agritourism Destination 

Master Planning farm market and pick your own play farm One of our clients has a really good motto for covering the main bases for your agritourism operation. Beyond “what are they going to do?” you need to be able to handle these other questions if you want to keep people at your property. And […]


VELD’s Vrijdag Verses – 18

“…the countryside conjures nostalgic rather than real interpretations.” “Perhaps more than any other landscape, the tended fields of the countryside symbolizes our most revered meld of man, nature, and time.” -Sally Schauman.


VELD’s Vrijdag Verses – 17

“Ontario’s 19th century vernacular [Vernacular architecture is a category of architecture based on local needs and construction materials, and reflecting local traditions] is beyond recovery, however much it is craved. Awareness cannot be un-invented in an informed, interactive society.” -Michael J. Troughton. Vernacular Architecture in Ontario; Industrial Vernacular  


VELD’s Vrijdag Verses – 15

“A good farmer is a craftsperson of the highest order, a kind of artist. It is the good work of good farmers – nothing else – that assures a sufficiency of food over the long term.” -Wendel Berry, Farmer & Author. Gift of Good Land


VELD’s Vrijdag Verses -12

“Farming keeps man honest, vigorous, and independent” -James S. Ackerman, Architect. Vila:Form & Ideology of Country Houses


VELD’s Vrijdag Verses – 11

  ” Soil fertility must be the basis of any permanent system of agriculture” – Sir Albert Howard, Farmer & Author. Agricultural Testament


VELD’s Vrijdag Verses – 10

The “whole foods” shopper feels that by buying organic he is “engaging in authentic experiences” and imaginatively enacting a “return to the utopian past with the positive aspects of modernity intact”. -Michael Pollan, Author. Excerpts from Omnivores Delemma


VELD’s Vrijdag Verses – 9

“…as for farmers themselves, they have long ago lost control of their destiny. They are no longer ‘independent farmers,’ subscribing to that ancient and perhaps indispensable ideal, but are the agents of their creditors and the market. They are ‘units of production’ who, or which, must perform ‘efficiently’ – regardless of what they get out of it either […]


VELD’s Vrijdag Verses – 8

“The character of the farm should be carried out as to express itself in everything which it contains. […] His structures of every kind should be plain, also, yet substantial, where substance is required. All these detract nothing from his respectability or his influence in the neighborhood, the town, the country, or the state. A […]