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Farmhouse Design Part III

So you’ve decided you want to build a new farmhouse on your property. First you need to decide if the “Builder’s special” is the type of home you want or do you want something truly special. Check out this blog to help you decide if a custom home is right for you. Most of you […]


Farmhouse Renovation – Part II

So you’ve decided to preserve a bit of rural history and renovate your brick farmhouse. Here are a few items that you should know. Yes, generally renovations cost more (approximately 5%). But the results are often more appreciated than building new and many of the large expenses are already taken care of such as exterior […]


Farmhouse Design or Renovation Principles – Part I

My Dad, was born, raised, had his own kids, and will probably die in the same old red brick farmhouse. As you can imagine it needs some updating! My mother, like most farm wives has great visions of what the house should look like, but it is usually a lifelong project to update the house […]