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How to know when to take my old barn down?

This is always a hard conversation with potential clients when they come to me with a barn. Should I take it down? A typical engineer who you meet will be far less sentimental than I am, and he will be the first to say, “It’s cheaper to build new”. This is true, but I’ve realized […]


5 ways designing a barn house is different from a normal custom home!

Do you live in a barn? Or do you want to? It’s really important to realize that designing a barn conversion to a house (or other structures), is not at all the same as starting with a blank paper for a custom home. You have this amazing timber frame you need to work around to […]


A Search for the Perfect Barn Frame:what to look for in a timber frame

A Search for the Perfect Barn Frame:What to look for in a timber frame VELD architect is embarking on a major bank barn reuse project! So in light of this journey we are going to shares its joys, challenges, and stories along the way. Hopefully providing you with information and confidence for you to consider […]