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VELD’s Vrijdag Verses – 8

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“The character of the farm should be carried out as to express itself in everything which it contains. […] His structures of every kind should be plain, also, yet substantial, where substance is required. All these detract nothing from his respectability or his influence in the neighborhood, the town, the country, or the state. A farmer has quite as much business in the field or about his ordinary occupation with ragged garments, out at the elbows, and gownless hat, as he has to occupy a leaky, wind-broken, and dilapidated house. Neither is he nearer the mark, with a ruffled shirt, a fancy dress, or gloved hands when following his plough behind a pain of fancy horses, than in living in a finical, pretending house, such as we see stuck up in conspicuous places in many parts of the country”

– Donald J Berg, Architect. American Country Building Design: Rediscovered Plans for 19th-century Farmhouses, Cottages, Landscapes, Barns, Carriage Houses & Outbuildings

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