Agriculture Projects

Entry space, looking at gathering space & upper mezzanine

Cliff Farm – Barn conversion

Cliff Farm – Barn Conversion feasibility study The Cliff Farm is located right on the 100 foot bank of Lake Erie. ┬áThe property is a delicate ecosystem that had been conventionally farm for many years. The new owners have spent personal time and money restoring critical forests, ponds, and bluffs. Meanwhile allowing farming and agriculture […]


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Maidstone Farm Masterplan

Maidstone Farm Masterplan VELD architect is currently assisting a owner with restoring his family farm. The 100 acre property has not been active farmstead in 40 years. We are assisting to layout infrastructure (septic, electricity, wells, irrigation, roads and access, and fencing). The goal of the plan is to create a farm where the owner […]



Woven Lea Barns

Woven Lea Multi-animal Barn The Woven Lea barn, designed as part of Krista’s Agritecture Thesis is a multi-purpose barn. Required to house cows and pigs, through the various rotational cycles throughout the year. ┬áthe orientation of the barn (stemming for the masterplan), allows each barn to take advantage of natural ventilation and reduced solar gains […]


Woven Lea farm model

Woven Lea Farm Master Plan

Woven Lea Farm Master Plan The farm plan for Woven Lea is a design that attempts to be a self-sustaining 150 acre unit, maximizing the acreage with care for the environment. Based on the principles of grass-fed animals and crop rotations the farm yard is placed in the middle of the lot, surrounded by five […]



Christhill Dairy Farm Master Plan

Christhill Dairy Farm Master Plan The Christhill Dairy Farm has been in operation for two generations now. As it gets passed to the third generation, significant investment to bring the farm up-to-date is being undertaken. The herd of 55-60 Holstein dairy cows have been in the original bank barn with a quanset hut addition for […]



Tired of Asphalt

Tired of Asphalt In many cities, children grow up in a concrete jungle. We propose to re-‘tire’ your asphalt and introduce children to a green jungle, a jungle built with tires! As a medium for garden building, tires are modular and versatile. They can easily be stacked, cut and converted into numerous garden features. Tires […]



Radcliffe Horse Barn

Radcliffe Barn VELD architect assisted in the preparation of Permit drawings for this 10-stall horse barn with hay mow. The Owners built the barn themselves so the drawings were detailed sufficiently to assist them through the process without difficulty.


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Our Farm – Master Plan & Barn

Our Farm Our Farm is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to creating community through sustainable agriculture. They are a CSA (community supported agriculture) group looking to have their very “own farm” to share with friends and community, They are located just outside Waterloo on Erbsville road. VELD is assisting with master planning of the 12 acre […]


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Equestrian Park

Equestrian Park As project captain at John MacDonald Architect, Krista managed this 10 million dollar project on 150 acres of land, involving 800 horses, 4 stakeholder groups, including the TO2015 Pan Am Games, rezoning, site plan approval, MOE approvals, Conservation Authorities, building permits, and construction administration. The budget was extremely tight, therefore creative measures needed […]