Barn Conversion Projects

We help turn barn lovers wanting to convert one for themselves who are frustrated with not knowing where to start and overwhelmed with the unknowns, go from figuring it out yourself using google consulting to a smooth design and construction process with a beautiful finished building in less time and worry using Ontario's barn conversion dream team without costly and ugly mistakes and even if you don't know where to start!

Barn House 4

This barn is the amalgamation of two barns put together and nestled in a valley overlooking a lake. The design maintains the barns original forms and most of the interior spaces are full height to the barn roof, exposing the beautiful structure. It also feature a silo observatory lookout and large expanses of glass to […]


Barn Shed Tillsonburg

This 4bent-3bay barn conversion is to a shed/garage/shop. The lower level will store sports cars and recreation vehicles. While the loft space will be storage. The double height space can open up and be used as entertaining area or additional storage. The height and form of the bents required a split level loft design to […]


Barn House 2

Large spaces describes this barn house. The Client is a hosting family, meals, exchanges, parties, you name it, therefore they wanted the barn space to be as open as possible. The barn frame is 35’x50′ with a swing beam. The swing beam is featured over the kitchen and glass railing for the loft above.  An addition […]


Cliff Farm – Barn conversion

Cliff Farm – Barn Conversion feasibility study The Cliff Farm is located right on the 100 foot bank of Lake Erie.  The property is a delicate ecosystem that had been conventionally farm for many years. The new owners have spent personal time and money restoring critical forests, ponds, and bluffs. Meanwhile allowing farming and agriculture […]


Barn House 1

Barn House 1 VELD architect is excited to be part of reclaiming a bit of history with a home constructed from an old bank barn. The Owner’s decided the existing farmhouse was not in sufficient good shape to renovate for their growing family. However, they will reclaim as many viable materials as possible for use […]


Local Community Food Centre – processing station

Local Community Food Centre – Processing Station VELD architect provided design, permit, and construction assistance services to the Local Community Food Centre in Stratford. The Centre receives thousands of donations of fresh food every year and they further distribute, or use themselves. At times the donations overwhelm the need, so the LCFC needed space to […]