Institutional Projects

Local Community Food Centre – processing station

Local Community Food Centre – Processing Station VELD architect provided design, permit, and construction assistance services to the Local Community Food Centre in Stratford. The Centre receives thousands of donations of fresh food every year and they further distribute, or use themselves. At times the donations overwhelm the need, so the LCFC needed space to […]


Tired of Asphalt

Tired of Asphalt In many cities, children grow up in a concrete jungle. We propose to re-‘tire’ your asphalt and introduce children to a green jungle, a jungle built with tires! As a medium for garden building, tires are modular and versatile. They can easily be stacked, cut and converted into numerous garden features. Tires […]


Harry Class Pool

Harry Class Community Pool The Harry Class Community Pool is the largest outdoor public pool in Ontario. As project captain at John MacDonald Architect Krista created a central corridor through the historic change house to allow visitors quick access to the pool deck. The corridor begins with reception and flows through to the showers with […]