Cliff Farm – Barn Conversion feasibility study

The Cliff Farm is located right on the 100 foot bank of Lake Erie.  The property is a delicate ecosystem that had been conventionally farm for many years. The new owners have spent personal time and money restoring critical forests, ponds, and bluffs. Meanwhile allowing farming and agriculture to take place on the 100 acre property. Their vision for the property is to allow agriculture and nature to co-exist harmoniously. They are inviting researchers and experiments to their property to explore how best to farm in this delicate ecosystem.

As part of the project they are also converting the existing barn to a training centre and gathering place to discuss ideas. The very small barn needed to accommodate 30 people for various forms of events. Lecture and seminars, as well as dining/cafe parties. The main floor is the the seminar space, with small kitchenette, washroom, storage, and workspace. The upper mezzanine takes up only 40% of the barn area to maintain the height and feeling of a barn, as well as reduce restrictions the building code places on two story buildings. VELD architect needed to be creative to fit the requested program into the space and maintain a manageable project in terms of code requirements and expenses.

VELD architect prepared an initial feasibility study to review zoning and building code requirements, preliminary costs, and overall site plan directions.

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