Project Brief/Description:

The client came to use a beautiful barn on a beautiful property with a view of a ravine. The barn was in excellent condition! We chose to renovate the barn while still standing (rather than rebuild it). The greatest challenge as always with barns is to work with the constraints of the barn structure and not destroy its charm with your intervention.


Barn Story/History

The barn is a newer canted queen post frame. It is mostly sawn timber, but features a stone foundation. It was restored and reinforced by the previous owners.



  1. It was in good shape so there was no point in taking in down in order to rebuild. So we needed to convert this barn while it was still standing. Essentially hanging the new wall and insulation off the timber frame.
  2. Convert it to that it still looked like a barn but complimented the new house build
  3. Create a belvedere where they could get very high on the site to see the view over the ravine and hills of Mono.


Design Features

  1. The client wish to have a high belvedere came at great costs as well as very difficult to create in the steep roofs and structure of a barn. Using a unique skylight system we created a cost effective sleeping loft with the ability to open up to an outdoor balcony overlooking the views of the rural landscape.
  2. The exterior walls needed to be reclad with the new walls. VELD added some modern barn accents to the exterior and integrate the deck railing, careful not to make it look like a house. The cross bracing detail is a combination of braces you would typically find over a forebay barn, along with a rhythm that mimics the interior barn bent structure.
  3. The large windows had to be carefully coordinated with the barn timber girts in order to maintain as much of the structure as possible while adding the desired windows. As well as working with the window company constraints.



The barn is undergoing planning permissions with NEC. The barn will be a special entertainment space and pool house for their family and friends.




Project Team:

Waddell Engineering


Products  & Suppliers:

Anderson windows

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