Brooks Farms, located near Uxbridge was devastated with a fire that burnt down their bank barn. This project is not a replacement of the irreplaceable, but a tribute to that barn and what it meant to the family. We are creating a modern interpretation of the barn for their farm for the public to enjoy and provide the function that they need! at 60’x100′ it will be capable of hosting gatherings up to 150 people gatherings, school groups, and birthday parties. The space is flexible for various configurations and multiple groups using the space at one time to allow the farm to grow and change with market demand. The south gable end wall is the feature image of the barn with big windows, siding barn door shutters to protect the space from the hot summer glare. The length of the east side facing the playland park area is a covered porch that can be opened up to the interior with large clear garage doors, and provides a much needed relief from the summer sun! The garage doors open to allow indoor outdoor concerts. A reclaim grain bin is the feature bar area on the north end with a view to the rural landscape.


Subconsultant Team:

Waddell engineering

GPY engineering

Crozier & Associates

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