Get the Project Planning Guide for Your Residential Project


The number one cause of home projects going over budget is starting them before completing thorough research and analysis. It’s like a doctor rushing a patient into surgery without a proper diagnosis.

An out-of-control project can be extremely stressful, costly, and unnecessary.

The key to avoiding such a situation is to plan properly. To help you achieve this, we have created a free Project Planning Guide for your residential project. Obtaining this guide before starting your project can minimize the risk of encountering budget and planning issues!

Here’s what you get:


    • A 7-Step process to complete your research
    • A Project Roadmap that shows you the complete journey from vision to construction
    • A Building Experts Directory
    • A Building Cost Estimator gives you a ballpark cost estimate for your project.
    • Prompts to create your Design Brief
    • Questions to gauge your sustainability and project goals
    • One-on-one FREE 30-minute consultation with VELD architect to answer your questions