Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to raise rural and tell your farm stories through architecture. We want to create architecture as powerful as our old barns, 100 years from now.

Number of barns saved or converted! Our goal is to save 50 over the next 25 years!

What Our Clients Say About Us!


On this 30 minute phone call, you’ll speak directly with architect Krista Hulshof about your project. By the end of your call you’ll know:

  • The potential roadblocks and hurdles you should watch out for
  • Designing for your ideal customers to have a memorable experience
  • How to get through the municipal red tape to get a permit
  • A roadmap to get the answers you need to proceed with your agritourism project with confidence!

We ALWAYS start with project scouting. It sets a solid foundation for the project and ensures success. We know that the project scouting process will give you clarity and confidence to move forward with your project.

  • Program and space needs
  • Visioing & Priorities
  • Site Analysis
  • Building code Review
  • Authorities Review
  • Statement of Probable Costs
  • Barn Condition Review
  • AgVisioning Toolkit

At this stage we are well equipped to take your goals and priorities and design something that is on budget.

  1. Develop design options and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each
  2. Produce a basic site plan to locate the building on your site and floor plan options will be developed
  3. Discuss 3D renderings and/or sketches
  4. Meet with any authorities that have jurisdiction over your property to ensure compliance and eliminate future delays.

After choosing the best option from the previous stage, the design will be taken to a more detailed level which involves

  1. Drawing elevations, sections and refining the look, sizes and materials.
  2. Determine how building will operate.
  3. You will choose colours, fixtures, equipment and share any magazine photos you may have collected with us.
  4. Review Preliminary Analysis and ensure we are taking advantage of opportunities and complying with regulations.
  5. Where necessary, consult with electrical, mechanical, and structural engineers.

VELD architect will make sure that your needs have been met before proceeding with permits and construction drawings.

Permit drawings are a set of drawings required to obtain a building permit with your municipality, which VELD architect can provide. Permit drawing sets are often much smaller and less detailed that construction drawing sets. Depending on the type of project, you may require an architect and an engineer to sign-off on your permit drawings.

Why do I need them?

Your municipality will have a set of requirements that need to be submitted before you can start building. They will get you a building permit, but they are not necessarily detailed enough to have a contractor price and build your project just the way you want it.

What do permit drawings contain?

Permit drawings contain the following building code information:

  • Exiting details
  • Stair dimensions
  • Basic sitting on the property
  • Basic structural diagrams
  • Fire ratings (for more complex buildings)

These drawings will be more detailed than permit drawings will be well co-ordinated with electrical, mechanical, and structural components to ensure that every door, windowduct, outlet and wall looks and is placed exactly where you want.

Construction drawings are essential for your contractor give you an accurate quotation with the least amount of surprises, changes, and extra costs later during the construction. These drawings will include:

  • Details of wall construction
  • Trim details
  • Finishing materials
  • Plumbing fixture choices
  • Millwork drawings
  • Windows sizes
  • Door sizes
  • Colours, etc.

VELD architect offers a range of assistance during construction as you the client need or want. It can be as minimum as the site visits requried for occupancy, to assistance with issues on site and changes, to full progress reviews of construction. Construction assistance helps give you peace of mind that the descisions made during the design are being executed well by your building team. Services can include:

  • quote reviews
  • contractor interviews and selection
  • building progress reviews
  • site meetings with the contractor
  • on demand conflict and problem solving
  • occupancy and code reviews
  • engineering coordination of changes
  • request for information by the contractors
  • billing reviews


VELD architect has capacity to walk you through all the approvals you may encounter on your journey. Either in-house or by coordinating the experts. 

The architect is your universal trasnlator. They understand all the languages spoken by all the parties involved and can ask the right questions, find creative solutions, keep it all straight, get it done quickly, and ensure your budget stays in tact.

We are teh stewards oand protectors of your project. We have the unique position of understanding the most about your project and your desires and can co-ordiate the whole team.

Did you know architect's fee are less than 1% of the total costs of a building over it's lifetime! Thats an important 1% of decisions!
Web Designer 1%

Our work is a result of our process and good clients who trust us!

It takes a team to raise a project! Here are some of our collaborators!

The VELD Team

Our team has rural and farming is in our blood!  We pride ourselves in understanding rural issues, culture, and context. We love rural Ontario just as you do! You don’t have to teach this architect or our team how to shovel manure, we probably have done it! So we get you, our farmers and clients.